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$60.00 $101.00
Lock in freshness and flavor with Tupperware's iconic quality and style!

Our nostalgic, durable Vintage Servalier® Bowls with tight-sealing, easy to close lids are sure to be used again and again. Simply press the center of the lid to see the signature instant seal in action!
Includes one each the following bowls with seals:

3-cup/700 mL
4-cup/950 mL
8-cup/1.9 L
11-cup/2.6 L
17-cup/4 L
Something this classic doesn't out of style. Our Servalier® Bowl Set transports a time-tested design into the modern kitchen with vintage colors for an extra hit of nostalgia.

Their tight-sealing, easy-to-close lids feature the charming sunburst design that seals instantly when pressed at the center, and tapered handles provide a secure, comfortable grip when carrying. This space efficient set nests for optimal storage.

Servalier® Bowls are every home cook’s best friend—great for mixing, prepping and storing all your favorite recipes as well as serving food at parties, picnics, potlucks, and casual weeknight dinners.