Foal Name Contest

$5 per spot and each spot has 3 suggested names. 
Email or message me your name choices.

Names need to be at most 21 characters including spaces. 
There can be no punctuation or numbers.
There can be no foul language.
You need to pay before you can send your names.
We do not know the sex so keep that in mind.

Contest ends when the foal is born.
Names will be posted below so try not to duplicate.
When the foal is born, we will host a live to draw the winning name and present your prize. Value of prize will depend on the number of spots purchased.
Foal date is on or around April 12th

Mare, Stud & future foal belong to: Joni Plochocki 

Sire - Hot Priority

Dam - Rocky Road Ruth

 Winner gets a Biothane Tack set of their choice.

3 Name Choices Can Be Added Here



Foal Names


Tina Buirch

1. Hot Rod n Priority
2. Spots done hot
3. Hot Rocks Splatter

Tina Schrader 1. Rockyhot Spot
2. Hot Spot Ruger
3. Prioritys hotrocks
Kathy Raymond 1. lil Ruthies hot spot
2. Priority one R&R
3. Spots R Hot
Bethany Smith 1. Rockin Hot Ruth
2. Red Hot Priority.
3. Road Reddy Hottie
4. Slick Street Priority
5. Pride and Priority
6.  Hot in Red Sox
7. Smart Priority
8.  A Lovin Priority
9. Rockin Rudy Hot.