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Mini Wireless Anti Lost Alarm Tracker Device


Mobile Phone Tracking GPS Anti-Loss Device

1. This anti-lost device adopts latest compatible low consumption technology, and through corresponding app to realizeall the functions.
2. It can effectively protect your kids, pets or valuables from being stolen or lost within 20 Feet effective distance range, when out of this range your phone and this device will automatically ring for a timely warning.
3. Benefiting from the built-in low consumption compatible, the battery can last for 6months. What's more you can preset 8 devices in one phone at the same time.
4. Suitable for Wallet, Car, Kid, Pets, Bags, Suitcase or other valuable belongings.
How to set
Download the App (Scan the QR code on the manual), open your blue tooth and connect to the tracker, then you can use it.