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Our ECO Bottle 2L with Flip Cap provides a sustainable, cost-effective way for taking water, or any other non-carbonated, cold liquids, on-the-go. The cap makes the Bottle 100% leak proof yet easy to drink from while while walking, playing sports, or enjoying any activity.

Transparent material keeps contents visible while its ergonomic design lends an easy and secure grip for pouring. It's also shaped to fit in the fridge door. The large neck opening makes refilling effortless and cleaning a snap. Cleaning your ECO Bottle on a daily basis is important to keep it fresh and free from bacteria.

The Flip Cap has a small opening to regulate the flow of water, making it more comfortable to drink from. The Cap also has a spot to add a handle or carrying strap.

Something to consider the next time you buy bottled water: a single, unrecycled plastic bottle takes 450 years to biodegrade. That’s just one of the reasons to feel good about our ECO Bottle. Easy to fill and store, you can use it over and over, which means you’ll save the environment as well as your hard-earned money. It's a refreshing alternative to wasteful bottled water.