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Cashel Crusader Fly Mask for Mule with Ears

$25.00 $30.99

With the Cashel Quiet Ride™ Comfort Ears™ you will be confident your mule or donkey is protected and content, giving you a much quieter, safer ride down the trail or in the arena. Super soft and breathable mesh material sits comfortably over the ears and under the bridle or headstall crown and browband to achieve a secure, comfortable fit and provide protection from pesky flies, gnats, and mosquitoes.

Cashel guarantees quality you can count on, and this reliable design features a patented three-hole cap that eliminates forelock damage. Soft, low-nap polar fleece-bound seams and edges prevent any rubbing or discomfort and won't attract burrs and other debris.

Key Features
Sports-Jersey Nylon Mesh Material
Patented, Stay-Put Three-Hole-Cap Design
Easily Stays in Place Under Crown/Browband
Cool, Comfortable & Effective
Machine Washable!
Larger Ears for Mules and Donkeys

Draft or Mammoth Mule: Nose Circumference 34" Poll to Chin 50" Ears 15.5"
With long nose or without
Nylon mesh